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Collaborate in
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Collaboration made at its ease.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller
Embrace all your resources into a central collaboration platform.

  • Collaboration beyond Humans
  • In-built Chatbot Creator
  • Suitable to any Departments

Intelligent Collaboration

Connect Anything
Comunicate with Anything

Redefine your traditional Human-to-Human collaboration with a duplex Any-to-Any collaboration in an intuitive, engaging and effective way.

Bring out your maximum potential with maximum communication.

@HRBOT how many leaves left? You have 6 leaves.. @SAP I want to get Accounts.xls? Click below to get your file. @Salesforce no of new leads today 59 Leads today @Machine-1 what is the OEE? OEE is 89%. How many unread mails today 5 unread mails for you today. @git how many issues today? There are 12 issues Today. @Github how many commits today? There are 5 Commits Today. HI can u help me? Hi this is AEI how may I help you .

Less / No collaboration

Intelligent collaboration

Human-to-Human Centric : Employees across company Any-to-Any Centric : Employees , Applications,devices and machines across company
Isolated Platform:isolated data silos lead to lower collaboration Centralized Platform Employees:unified data platform leads to higher collaboration
Higher Operational Time:Higher operational time due to less collaboration Lower Operational Time:centralized collaboration saves less time
Lower Business Velocity:Lower KPI performance lead to lower business growth Higher Business Velocity:Higher KPI performance lead to accelarated business growth
Disengaged employees:less employee engagement Engaged employees:More employee engagement
High cost:Higher operational cost results in lower ROI Low cost:Lower operational cost with greater ROI
Lower Productivity:less employee productivity since there is no connections Higher Productivity:increased employee productivity with more connections
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Chat Bots
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Applications & Data
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Integrated Chatbot

Creating custom chatbots is very easy with our in-built No Code Chatbot Creator.You don't need to develop any code for data integration and NLP training.

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Build tools

Use cases for intelligent enterprise

With our intelligent enterprise platform you can collaborate not only with humans but also with your people machines, applications, data

  • Managing time off:Apply for leaves on the go
  • Find paystubs:Check and find pay stbs in a click
  • Employee search :Ask bot for the relevant employee information you need
  • Performance management:Monitor employee performance in a click
  • Customer engagement:prompt actions delivered by chatbots for better customer engagement
  • Product recommendations:based on customer interest and needs
  • Social media:Inbuilt questionnare for social media marketing
  • User retention:Increased customer retention with personalised user experience
  • Lead generation:Preset questionnare for automated lead generation
  • Lead nurturing:Giving personalized recommendations based on lead activity
  • Appointment booking:Schedule appointments to the lead prospects
  • Online orders:Assist customers during online orders
  • After-sales processing:Post sales processing with predefined A.I
  • Online support:Fast and assisted support with instant query recognition
  • Less groundwork:Bots can handle large voulme of request
  • SLA prioritization:Prioritize employee SLA
  • Supplies and inventory:Check supplies and inventory with bot-based system
  • Order fulfilment and delivery:Bot based messaging system to obtain information about orders
  • Role specific bots:Bots based on role and hierarchy
  • Machine-Man communication:Communication between bot and machines