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Automation is the new success factor.

Integrate your entire resources and automate with just clicks.No code required

  • People, Devices, Applications & Data
  • No code required
  • On-Premise / SaaS

Integrated Automation

Connect Anything
Automate Anything

Entitle your labour force with automated process.Integrate and streamline all your workprocess with our drag and drop feature.

No Automation

Intelligent Automation

More redundancies : Repeated works again and again Less redundancies:Process automation reduces redundancies
Lack of accountablity and transperancy :Manual process leads to less accountablity and transperacy More accountablity and transperacy:Process made accountable,Transperant and easy to monitor
Lack of strategic planning:Man made process lack specified plans Perfect strategized plans:process automation preplans and automates the work
Increased chances of human error:Human process are prone to more errors Less or zero human error:automated process are non prone to human errrors
Human-Centric:Depends on human for process completion Non-Human centric:Does not depend on humans and able to automate process by itself
Information shortage:inability to search a wide range of information for a specified task More Informative:communicates with different apps and searches for wide range of information
Greater cost:More operational costs for man made process Lesser cost:Automated process reduces cost and operational time
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Use cases for intelligent enterprise

With our intelligent enterprise platform you can collaborate not only with humans but also with your people machines, applications, data

  • Automated Lead list uploads
  • Automated lead personalized emails
  • Lead scoring and routing
  • Automated csx reviews and satsfaction
  • Automated employee onboarding
  • Automated employee timesheets
  • Automated exit interviews
  • Automated performance management
  • Automated RFP prrocess
  • Automated sales alerts
  • Automated approval process
  • Swag automation
  • Automated post sales processing
  • Automated churn detection
  • Automated support/CRM sync
  • Automated customer on boarding
  • Automated inventory management
  • Automated order fulfillment and delivery
  • Automated machining works
  • Automated Supplychain management