Get All your Company Data in One place
with In-built No-Code
Analytics , App Builder , Workflow Automation,
Collaboration & Chat Bots Soon


Connect all your enterpise people,Apps,devices and data.

Intelligent Technologies [ AI | ML | NLP ] Data Warehouse Estreetz Digital Workplace 1.Analytics Github Asana Salesforce 2. ChatBots @Github how many commits today? There are 5 Commits Today. 3.Automation Apps
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Estreetz Intelligent Enterprise Platform

"Redefining Connections"

About Estreetz

Estreetz is an intelligent digital workspace for enterprises that aims at optimizing the operations and improving the productivity of the company with maximum collaboration & integraton.

Unified Platform

Every small and large enterprise are compromised of different set isolated applications, devices, data, and people. We want to bring them under one integrated platform.

Intelligent Platform

Data is the new Fuel.Intelligent platform is an ai-powered unified platform where we can easily apply 1.Cognitive AI
2.Conversational AI models - ChatBots

Our Features
Live Chat
AEI Chatbot
Form/App Builder